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1. What is a Schedule 8 Drug?

In the Australian healthcare system, the prescription of particular Medicines are classified as Schedule 8

(S8) drugs, also known as controlled substances. These medications have a higher potential for abuse, dependence, and misuse. To regulate their use, repeat

intervals are imposed on S8 prescriptions.

  • Medication types and e-script information cannot be changed.

  • Repeat intervals and monthly allowances of medications are written into the e-scripts, and cannot changed.

  • A new prescription may only be obtained through a Medical Consultation.

2. What is a repeat Interval?

A repeat interval refers to the time period between consecutive refills of a

prescription medication. It indicates how frequently a patient can obtain a new

supply of the medication without needing a new prescription. The specific repeat

interval for S8 medications is determined by regulations and guidelines set by the

Australian government and relevant medical authorities.

The purpose of repeat intervals for S8 medications is to ensure appropriate

oversight, monitoring, and control over their usage. They help prevent excessive or inappropriate use of these drugs, reduce the risk of dependence or addiction, and enhance patient safety. Attempting to refill the prescription before the designated time will lead to refusal by the pharmacist.

3.What determines how many repeats are listed on my script?


Repeats per item on all E- scripts are determined by regulations and guidelines set by

Australian medical governance and compliance guidelines and cannot be altered.

4. What is a monthly allowance?

Monthly allowances  provide a gram limitation across all dispensed products, with the exclusion of some oils. Such limits are based upon recommended medical guidelines.  Please note: All changes in treatment programs require a repeat consultation with Greenhouse in order to provide sufficient medical justification for dose and treatment plan adjustment. Decisions to change a patient's monthly allowance are made by the medical practitioner and cannot be altered or negotiated.

5. Expired Scripts

All Schedule 8 medication scripts have an expiration date of 6 months. This

expiration date cannot be extended or altered under any circumstance. A new

consultation is required for the prescription of new and repeat medications.

6. Patient Conduct 

We remind patients of the terms and conditions with respect to patient conduct. 

Our clinic STRICTLY adheres to the guidelines of the TGA and Australian Government Regulatory Bodies and will NOT engage with patients in the negotiation of such laws.​

The attempted negotiation of Schedule 8 Medication and or the terms of it's dispensing, with any of the clinic's staff is strictly prohibited. Such behaviour will result in reporting and discharge as a patient of Greenhouse Medical Clinic. 

Our practice has a duty to provide a safe physical and psychological environment free from aggression, abuse, intimidation, swearing or any abusive language, towards all our staff staff, medical staff affiliates, pharmacists and their colleagues, and any medical professional who works with Greenhouse Medical Clinic. Behaviour others may find bullying or threatening, or contains the use of  swearing or abusive language may result in discharge as a patient of Greenhouse Medical Clinic, after an initial warning. 


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