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A Boutique ​Online 

Medical Clinic

Specialising in 

Natural Solutions

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  • Best Medicine Quality & Value for Money

  • E-Scripts to your Local Pharmacy 

  • AGNOSTIC Prescribing 

  • Access to Discount and Concession Range

  • Individual Treatment Programs

Why Greenhouse Medical Clinic?

Patient Journey

Patient Journey

Greenhouse Medical Journey



Medication Dispensing

Telehealth Consultation

After care


or call 

Greenhouse Medical New TGA compliantLogo

30 Seconds 

30 Seconds 

Online anywhere

Personalised care


Australia wide

Determine your Eligibility &

Ask our team any questions


to arrange a local pharmacy or delivery 

Medical Professional Telehealth consult 

Pick up medication  or have it delivered 

Chat about

products / strains

and  reorder medications

How much does Natural Medicine Cost? 

Natural Medicine 🌿  from $6.00 per gram 

Natural Medicine💧from $2.65 per mL

Concession 🌿  from $6.60 per gram 

Concession💧 from $2.00 per mL

All products may be dispensed at your local pharmacy

or one of our partner pharmacies in your region. 

What Patients Say

"How would you rate our services?:

Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Always so polite and respectful, im seriously havjng the worst week of my life, the only time I've smiled in as long as i can remember was yesterday. drew makes you feel so welcome and comfortable. and the nurse who phoned me was the most cheerful polite person ever (forgive me for forgetting your name). 100% love being a patient at greenhouse.

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