Talking to my GP about a referral.

Greenhouse Medical Doctors offer the treatment of medical cannabis  for multiple conditions to manage and improve the overall health of the patient.  

Our medical cannabis specialist doctors and nurses understand possible medication interactions and will help monitor for safety and efficacy of the medicine. 

Medical cannabis has been legal for over four years and many doctors are still hesitant to prescribe it or provide a CBD / THC treatment plan simply because they lack the experience in prescribing it. The endo-cannabinoid system (ECS) is not taught in medical school and most doctors do not have a detailed understanding on how to evaluate or prescribe medical cannabis not up to date  with the current regulatory environment. This may mean you will likely be the one to initiate the conversation with your doctor. 


Before you speak to your doctor look through our FAQ's and take the Eligibility Test to evaluate for yourself if medical cannabis might be suitable for you.  Consider the different types of treatments you’ve tried and the commensurate side effects. If you feel medical cannabis could be a good alternative, then we can help.

Greenhouse Medical Clinic will provide you with a letter and referral form for printout, to take directly to your regular GP. This letter and form explains to your doctor the duty of care to provide you with a referral to any health specialists or services that you would like to try for your condition.