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The Jupiter Silo Battery is designed for oil cartridges and is one of the most usable vaporizers to date. The Jupiter Silo Kit includes: silo battery, 2 magnetic cartridge adapters, and a Micro USB charger.

  • Powerful 500mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Inhale Activation (buttonless)
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • User friendly loading magnetic connection for 510 threaded vape cartridges (2x magnetic adapters included)
  • Recommended Cartridge: Jupiter L6 Single Use or Jupiter L6 Glass Refillable.

Jupiter Silo Battery

SKU: 857637006369
  • Description

    Jupiter Silo Battery

    Introducing Jupiter Research’s most revolutionary portable vaporizer batteries, the Jupiter L6 Silo Battery. If you are looking for the perfect vape to share with friends or chill solo, then the Jupiter Silo is best choice for you. The Jupiter Silo battery is designed for easy use at any time, anywhere. To use, simply screw the silo adapter to your 510-Threaded Cartridge, drop it in the Silo, and you’re ready for the adventure! The Jupiter Silo is inhale activated, so there are no buttons and no hassle with an on/off switch. We carry the Jupiter L6 Style Silo in a variety of colors to suit your style. You will not be disappointed with this small and mighty vaporizer battery

    Features of the Jupiter Silo:

    • Ultra portable, tiny, and discreet. Dimensions: 63 x 28.8 x 18mm
    • Inhale activated
    • Recharges quickly with Micro USB, included
    • Equipped with short-circuit protection, overusage protection, and overcharge protection
    • Works with almost all 510-threaded cartridges. Jupiter L6 Glass Refillable cartridges are recommended
      to work best with the Jupiter Silo
    • LED breathing indication light is located discretely on the top of the vaporizer
    • Compatibility will all Vape Pen Batteries

    The Jupiter Silo is sleek, and is customizable with various mouthpiece tips and cartridge types. The Jupiter Silo kit comes with 2 magnetic adapters for 510-threaded cartridges, with additional adapters available at VPM.
    Parts for Jupiter Silo:

    • Jupiter Liquid 6 (L6) Glass Oil Cartridge
    • Jupiter Liquid 6 (L6) Oil Cartridge
    • Magnetic Adapter
  • The Jupiter Silo will reach a full charge in about 1 Hour.
    Here’s what the LED light indicators signify:

    • Low/Dead Battery – LED indicator blinks 10 TIMES, the goes off. Silo stops working.
    • Charging – LED Indicator is on continuously
    • Fully Charged – LED indicator blinks 20 times and goes off.

    While the Jupiter Silo is charging, the small LED at the top of the device will light up and remain lit. Once the device reaches a full charge, the LED will flash 20 times and then turn off. If the device is plugged into an active USB port or wall adapter and the light is not lit, it has a full charge.

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