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Greenhouse Medical Clinic - Telehealth N

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0 - 3 Months 

Get a personalised quit
smoking strategy from a
Greenhouse doctor

• Start medications, nicotine
replacement therapy or
nicotine vaping products to
help you quit

• Quit smoking for good – you
could be an ex-smoker in
the first month!


3 - 6 Months

• Monitor your progress with
your Greenhouse doctor to
prevent risk of relapse

• Coordinate ongoing nicotine
prescriptions to maintain
smoking cessation


6 - 12 months 

• Ongoing review with your

• Start talking to your doctor
about reducing nicotine
concentration and usage to
eventually cease NRT or
nicotine vaping products

• Important we only start
reducing nicotine usage
when psychologically ready


Start your quit smoking journey today

Quit smoking to improve your health and save money

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