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Same DAY E-Scripts

Express Scripts -  Consult - New Patient

$ 149

Express Scripts - Consult - New Patient Concession

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 10.28.02 am.png

$ 129

Express Scripts - New Patient Clinic Transfer

*Requires Discharge Letter from previous clinic 📝

$ 129

Express Scripts Consult - Repeat

$ 89

Express Script Consultants additional Terms and Conditions. 

*All medications are dispensed through participating Chempro cChemists within i working day of the submission of the Patient Application and Consent Form. This charge is for the cost of the medical consultation only.

The period of time for dispensing is an arbitrary period not exceeding  6 hours, however neither greenhouse medical clinic or related parties including participating chempro chemists, can be held liable for any such delays caused by unforeseen circumstances, including power or internet outages, rejection or delays of TGA paperwork, delays pertaining to the fulfillment of patient eligibility requirements and or the request for further medical documentation.


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